SoonDook "Космос​.​.​. Сигналы​.​.​. Волны​.​.​. Духи​.​.​.​" (SSWG) 2005​-​2013

by Heart Shaped Box prod.

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Experimental electronics . One of the inspirations to create an album, served as radio VEF- 202 and hobby 's radio noise. Some fixation ether were used in the work . Also the author was fascinated by the phenomenon as " Electronic Voice Phenomenon " . All these factors have created a kind of mystical atmosphere . This was the starting point to creating SSWG (Space, Signals , Waves , Ghosts ) . And the second is the determining factor for "SSWG " was an article about the Voyager- 1 , launched in 1977. Website extremely impressed information about gold disk inside the satellite , which was recorded by an extensive collection of audio sounds , songs , languages ​​and images of our planet. CD is called «The sound of Earth» and was a business card for the Earth for extraterrestrial intelligence , which is expected sooner or later could access this information . On the content of this work is reflected two subfactor : this interest in space and science fiction ( particularly influenced by the author at the time provided by Arthur C. Clarke ) , and boundless love , first of all , to John Lennon , who was the author of the album considered the most primary and important ( for reference " extraterrestrial civilizations ", following the concept of Voyager ) representative culture of the Earth ( in the first embodiment album artwork was used watercolor portrait of Lennon , the author painted this plate) . Have also been used samples with President Kennedy , Marilyn Monroe 's voice and it seems someone else - it is difficult to remember ...
Pro-CDR, 20 copies

Released on Heart Shaped Box Prod. as HSB-071

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released November 8, 2015



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